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Re: Re: Re: Re: Dropping Back Shoulder prob

Posted by: () on Sun May 5 07:39:44 2002

Thanks guys for the info. I am popping up pitches down the middle of the plate so it's really not a bad pitch selection. However, yesterday when i was doing tee drills i noticed i hit off my back foot with a mojority of the weight among impact which may be taking my shoulder up? Are there any suggestions on how i should keep my weight balanced? I went through clinics over the winter, usually playing year round and the main idea was to stay wide and keep a quick swing which is generally a good thing. But until recently I am having major "loop swing" problems =(

Joe A

Have you ever seen Barry Bonds swing? Tell me dropping the shoulder is always wrong. I guess we could be talking to what degree to you lower the shoulder but the vast majority of hitters in the bigs do not have level shoulders when they swing. Many start level, very few are level at contact. Of course no one knows hitting like you.


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