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Re: Re: Re: Dropping Back Shoulder; It's a lower body mech. prob

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Mon May 6 12:15:28 2002

Some stray comments.

"Dropping the back shoulder" could be good or bad.A slightly more meaninful phrase to denote a flaw would be "collapsing the back side".

The diagnosis of root cause/correction(assuming you desire rotational mechanics) may be somewhat of a chicken/egg situation.In my experience,the usual underlying flaw seems to be swaying the body,not really rotating sequentially from lower body up.On the other hand,the desired rotation around a stationary axis is nearly impossible if there isn't a circular handpath to go along with it.This is the result of "top down control of a bottom up motor program".

Usually the best approach is to work on the lower body with the upper body "controlled"(circular handpath secured/no premature extension) until the body rotation feel is learned.Trying to correct by changing the upper body is usually not adequate.


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