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Two of the Greatest Swings

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Wed Dec 29 09:21:46 2010

Hi Jack:

Do you concur with me that Ted Williams' and Ken Griffey, Jr.'s swings are both effortless and exquisite? Halfway through their careers, both Williams and Griffey Jr. metamorphosed from athletes swinging bats to artisans who crafted their own styles. I can always envision Williams' bat remaining still in a crosswind, while Griffey Jr.'s bat flapped about as he coiled it around his nape. From a larger perspective, though, both illustrated during the careers the importance of rotational mechanics. It has brought Williams immortality, and Griffey Jr. will have the same gift bestowed upon him in the future.

Have a Happy New Years.

Best Wishes,


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