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Re: Re: bat weight/mechanics/exit speed

Posted by: Darrell Overstreet (darrelloverstreet@hotmail.com) on Thu May 9 22:08:53 2002

>>>My son a big 11 year old is in a few tournaments
> this year that allow big barrel bats, He has been using one that is 2 3/4 inch barrel 7oz heaver a -5 then his normal game bat. I expected him to struggle with it and go back to his 20oz -10 bat. The opposite has happened, he is hitting the ball hard more consistantly next to no ks. His shots are down the middle or even pulled a little. The balls are low liners or ground balls, he usually went opposite field with the 20oz most hits went RC. He also hit more deep flys with the 20oz. It doesn't make sense, with that big a jump in weight I would think batspeed would suffer and it does look like it is slower, I expected weak hits or ks swinging late. What could be the explanation or is it just a lucky streak?<<<
> Hi Larry
> Welcome to the site. Maybe the extra weight has caused him to "swing" the bat-head instead of "pushing" the bat-handle. --- One of my main objections to the extra light bats is the poor batting mechanics it can (and usually does) lead to.
> Jack Mankin


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