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Re: Hand and Palm position at contact

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Feb 19 01:13:32 2000

>>>I've heard people(coaches) state that when you hit the ball in baseball your palms are up and down. But when we compare this statement to a golf swing and a return of a tennis ball(similar planes of trajectory) we notice that the palms(two hand smash or any golf shot) are facing forward and backwards. So, this brings me to my question: If the swings are similar then what is the proper palm position on contact?<<<

Hi Sam

The mechanics that generate hip, torso and shoulder rotation for the baseball swing is basically the same as the golf swing. They both rotate around a stationary axis. Also, in baseball and golf the acceleration of the hand-path is developed from shoulder rotation (good swings) not the arms. For the arms to accelerate the hands, the lead elbow must bend and extend. This causes flat spots to occur in the hand-path reducing head speed. --- These are some of the areas where the two swings are similar.

As you pointed out, in baseball and golf, there is a big difference in the position of the hands approaching and through contact. This is mainly due to the grips used. --- In the baseball swing the grip allows the bat to remain in the same plane as the lead arm and hand from initiation to contact. The wrist starts their roll after contact. ---In the golf swing it is advantageous for the club head to be sweeping outward (outward divot) as it approaches the tee. This is accomplished by the golf grip being designed to cause the wrist to roll before contact. As the wrist start to roll, the club head comes out of the plane of the lead arm and sweeps outward. --- If the wrist roll prior to contact in the baseball swing, the bat also comes out of the plane of the lead arm. This most often causes the batter to hit the top half of the ball resulting in weak grounders.

Jack Mankin


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