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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: rethinking from ground up

Posted by: tom.guerry (tom.guerry@kp.org) on Mon May 20 14:35:56 2002

> >
> > > So tom are you are saying once the step to balance has occured the early trigger so to speak is the front heel drop which should entice the front hip pulling back as the primary event that brings the back hip forward and ultimately triggering the hands?
> > >
> > > If this be the case, this is where I am losing the connectedness of the kinetic events that follow... once that front hip moves back I totally get and feel the flurry of events that follow from the back hip coming toward the pitcher all the way to contact and follow thru. I am having trouble connecting the heel drop with the backward movement of the front hip. If the heel drop is simply a mental cue then I can train that, if the heel drop is actually part of the kinematic chain being generated I'd like to understand more.
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> > > Thanks,
> > > MM
> >
> > MM-
> >
> > What we are talking about is how the big muscles move.How that is felt tends to be very variable between people.We are trying to encourage some degree of separation(hips lead hands) which is consistent.I believe this is promoted by pulling open from the front rather than pushing open from the back.The locus of feel is really in the thigh/hip/belly region with the lower legs doing what they need to participate.This feels like different types of weight shift/action and is variable as Jack has noted on video analysis.
> >
> > Some describe it as reaching or clawing with the front leg.Some as pulling or rotating the front knee.In general you want to avoid any "hip slide"(sway)after the front heel drops.Then the feel is a rotational one.The front knee should be flexed.No further flex after front toe touch.Keeping weight back and having a stiff front leg are not usually effective.The feel Epstein describes for the drills promotes getting off the backside and sending energy upwards while establishing and maintaining a stable/balanced axis of rotation.
> Tom,
> what do you suppose is happening if my front leg is straightening a little, it has some slight bend in it, is that ok?
> MM

Straightening is OK after toe touch.I would not recommend toe touch with an already straight leg or further flexing of knee after toe touch.How much flex comes out after toe touch depends on style and how much rotation there is(more on inside location).

Many different styles can work - stride/no stride/negative stride(bagwell)/sit to hit/standup to hit,etc.


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