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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: swing builder

Posted by: The Irishman (irish2468@yahoo.com) on Fri May 24 05:54:12 2002

> Is there some website that this comes from? what video?
> > >
> > >
> > > Apparently www.swingbuilder.com is the site which has the video, I guess I'll check it out although it certainly smells like SPAM­.
> >
> > Well, I went there and saw the video. Interesting concept.
> Additionally, I'm shocked that Jay Bell and Matt Williams both agreed to pay Swingbuilder 3.5% of their earnings. Too pricey for the average MSBL player like me....
> I'm especially impressed with the full extension the old guy gets in the still pictures. Both arm straight and pulling like crazy!!!
> Why is the creator of this fantastic invention a Dentist???
> because getting 3.5% of Matt Williams contract is like pulling teeth!!!
> How did he ever think of hitching a metal bar to a nautilus machine?
> N2O2?
I believe that your comments are typical of young wantabe hitters,,,
gentlemen if you think that the good Dr's machine is to expensive! then look at those ridiculously expensive metal bats you've trained on for years,,how much have you drop on them over the years,,2 or 3 grand,,if you were serious about your game you would find a way to get help on your weak!, long!, I think I'm better the I am swing!

The Coach


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