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Re: balance thru entire swing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Mon Feb 28 01:21:29 2000

>>>should a hitter be completely balanced after follow thru (be able to hold for a second or 2.?
> should he be balanced when he swings and misses?
> my 13yr old son falls toward plate after he swings.does anybody know what could be causing this?<<<

Hi Bob

Jcat is right, falling across the plate is usually caused from the arms swinging out away from the body. "Casting" is a sign of poor body rotation (hips, torso and shoulders). The batter is keeping the lead arm straight while using his arms to accelerate the hands. --- The answer is not to force him to bend the lead arm and develop a straight push of the hands (the fence drill). He would progress much faster if he allows the lead arm to remain fairly straight but accelerate the hands with body rotation instead of using the arm muscles.

Jack Mankin


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