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Re: Bat weight vs swing speed

Posted by: OC (orlandochapa@attbi.com) on Mon Jun 3 21:39:12 2002

Is it better to have 1. a lower weight softball bat say 26 ounce and
swing it faster or 2. a heavier bat that will be swung at a lesser
speed. Obviously the heavier weight will impart more force on
the ball; however so will having a higher swing speed. So what
is better swinging faster or swinging a bigger piece of lumber?
> Thank you for any replies
To have a great stick requires a combination of both.
I think 26 oz. doesn't have enough mass to do you any good,
28oz. would be a better choice. You should try different weights
to see which is best for you. Your choice of bats is also just as
important. It won't do any good to have a great stroke with a peice
of crap bat. Train as heavy as possible during the off season to
build muscle memory, then go to your light bat as the season
approaches to get your timing down.


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