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Re: Re: Charley Lau, Jr. Imposter

Posted by: Major Dan (markj89@charter.net) on Tue Jun 4 19:16:10 2002

We have been informed by Charley Lau, Jr. that someone has been using his name on this discussion board. Thus, posts said to be from "Charley Lau, Jr." are from an imposter.
> >
> > Based on this information, we have contacted our website administrator who will delete the imposter posts and related posts.
> >
> > BatSpeed.com
> Curious though, emails to charlie Lau Jr's email address get answered by the same imposturator...

I got the following email last night. The email properties showed the following:
Received: from annarbor.host4u.net ([] verified)
by dc-mx08.cluster1.charter.net (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 3.5.9)
with ESMTP id 51936714 for markj89@charter.net; Mon, 03 Jun 2002 22:51:45 -0400
Received: from vaio (adsl-21-129-192.mia.bellsouth.net [])
by annarbor.host4u.net (8.11.6/8.11.6) with ESMTP id g542n1j15509
for ; Mon, 3 Jun 2002 21:49:02 -0500
From: "Charley Lau Jr"
Subject: You being A Guttless Dickhead
Subject: You being A Guttless Dickhead
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 22:51:40 -0400

The email text:
"Major Prickhead- I guess you havenít been taking your medication once again. Quit hiding behind your computer you are nothing but a wanna be! Itís clear to everyone that you are an asshole and I donít deal with assholes on a computer Bill Fasleasy. Are you still selling t-shirts and wearing your old Marlin jersey. If you have some spare time perhaps you can earn some extra money washing and waxing my new BMW-5 series for a few extra bucks, you can use it toward your monthly rent. Iím leaving the throne to batspeed .com to you since you need so much attention. "

Apparently CLauJr thinks I'm someone (Bill Fasleasy) from his past. I have no idea who this Bill guy is.
For those of you who have read past postings between CLauJr and me, this may shed some more light on what this guy is really made of.
I can only say that his complaint to Batspeed about someone impersonating him is a fake. The poster is Charlie Lau Jr. and he is a real piece of work.
BTW my family and I found this email to be hilarious. Thanks Charlie for the biggest laugh of the day. :)


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