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Re: Re: Re: Re: Instructo swing thread

Posted by: The Hitman (ahsnumber3@aol.com) on Wed Jun 5 11:23:51 2002

Seems like it was on this board that there was a thread discussing the Instructo Swing. Anybody remember where?
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> > > > Thanks
> > > I hate that stupid Instructo Swing, it teaches you to seperate your arms from the body's power, A piece of crap
> > > The Hitman
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> > Yes, but where was the thread that went through all of this? Perhaps some of you who are more familiar with the Instructo Swing would care to weigh in on this thread. http://www.eteamz.com/baseball/boards/baseball/message.cfm?id=476892
> Mark-
> how do you deal with these eteamz threads? It's a total free-for-all of opinions and everybody thinks they are right, even the lunatics...
There is no need to even talk about the instructo swing, Ive had enough experience using it. Why would you only want to teach 1 swing. As in swinging down. Have you ever set the instructo swing in the open field. How far can you hit it? Maybe out of the infield if your lucky. It is nearlly impossible to get any scapula loading hitting off that dumb tee. There is no circular handpath whatsoever. This is an all arms tee. All you can do is swing straight down. As Mike Epstein Said about the instructo swing "I dont encourage any piece of equipment which makes hitting a baseball more difficult" as in bottom half = back spin.
The Hitman


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