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Re: Which advice is correct?

Posted by: rql () on Sun Jul 1 21:27:34 2007

> My son is being given two different pieces of advice from two different coaches. One is telling my son to hit the ball out front with a short stroke. The other is saying to keep the hands back as long as possible and let the ball get in on him more. Both say that their way promotes a more powerful hitting stroke. Which is correct?
words have so many meanings,what does get in on him mean ,to me you got jammed with that statement but others it means different,hitting the ball with barrel a little ahead of hands will be pulled out front.Think about hitting a ball on outer 3rd of plate with hands and barrel in line at contact,and as the ball is more inside draw the hands in as you rotate fast and you will pull,[Let the ball come to you then be quick to turn on it.


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