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Re: bad website

Posted by: Brian () on Tue Jul 10 15:02:58 2007

> This website is absolutely horrible. What this site does is teach kids how to pull a ball. Congrats...they will be able to hit 1-10 balls that are thrown to them until they get to the college level. Over 80% of pitches throughout a game from little league-high school are thrown on the outside corner. I think that the promoters of this website should do their research on WHY exactly coaches teach "linear" hitting mechanics and not your style. There are 100 reasons why TO teach linear for every 1 to teach rotational. Obviously these guys aren't very smart if they are questioning Tony Gywnn's ability as a hitter..saying he was content on hitting the top half of the ball. That's because his percentage of getting on base is higher if he hits it on the ground! WOW, i'm in shock after looking at this website. I forwarded it to a board member on the High School Baseball Coaches Assoc. Apparently they had a giggle as well.

Paul, you should get a trophy for making one of the most uneducated posts this year. Your post serves one good purpose, however, as you are a good reminder that there are still coaches left who are teaching linear mechanics, despite that video analysis clearly shows that today's great hitters use rotational batting mechanics.

Aside from the fact that you do not understand rotational mechanics, maybe you can answer one simple question: why does every hitter in the homerun derby use rotational batting mechanics?

Also, where did you come to the baseless notion that rotational batting mechanics only teaches kids how to pull the ball? That is the furthest statement from the truth. To the contrary, rotational batting mechanics allows batters to hit the ball to ALL fields with authority (i.e., homerun power - not just slap hitting).

Since you have a lot of learning to do, you should start by studying the overhead clip of Pete Rose below, and then you might begin to understand what is meant by a circular hand path and rotation around a stationary axis.


If you still have a giggle on your face and post clips from the homerun derby or allstar game that supports your theory. (I'm willing to bet that no video clips will be forthcoming since you will not be able to support your comments ... again you have a lot of learning to do.) Start using video analysis to study the swing and report back in six months and you might win another trophy for most improved.



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