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Re: torque creation

Posted by: jerry 220 hitter () on Fri Jan 7 21:39:04 2011

I think top hand torque starts just after the load and the front foot goes down in the stride.At this point the back elbow is up at its highest point and behind the batter. If the batter decides to swing at the pitch.He starts to slot the rear elbow down next to his rear rib area ,this causes the thumb area of the top hand and barrel of the bat to tilt backwards towards the catcher. I belive this to be, the start of top hand torque.While this is happening like you say the top hand doesnt move any closer to the pitcher the top hand is starting to turn skyward and stays next to the rear shoulder as this is going on the hips, are starting to open and the core section, has tension and is working. a split second latter the shoulders which were some what closed and inactive and slighly lagging behind the hips, will take over the bulk of the work when the shoulders start to work, they will pull the bottom hand .The forces on the bat handle keep changing into contact . Hopfully the hands and Bat head will take a circular into contact.But I think top hand torque starts with the rear elbow dropping into the rib area. And when the shoulders start working that starts bottom hand torque .this should happen smoothly and very close to the same time often inter locking .I would be thankful if any one had any corrections on this to let me know.it would be a learning experience


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