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Re: Re: Re: Late Swing

Posted by: Jerry (jerrstru@msn.com) on Thu Jun 20 15:54:40 2002

Hi Tom,

Send him out here to CA for a couple weeks to play with his cousin. They'll figure it out. If that's not possible I recommend extra soft toss drills and making sure he's not "loading up" or hitching twice, a common problem even with Varsity High School players.

My son is having a difficult time catching-up with pitches. He is swinging late at everything.
> > >
> > > Is there a drill or correction that can help him get the bat out sooner to the ball?
> >
> > Tom-
> > There is no sure-fire answer without looking at a tape of the swing but the first place to look is at what is happening with the lower body. Is your son swinging with his arms or is he starting his swing with his legs/hip turn?
> > How old is he and what level/leagues does he play?
> He is a 10-year old left-hander and will play at the majors level. He has good hip rotation but I did not notice recently whether his arms or legs/hips are leading the swing. I'll take note the next time out.


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