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Re: Re: Re: back arm

Posted by: Shawn Bell (leebell@myhome.net) on Tue Mar 7 23:48:43 2000


He does start with the elbow down (45 degrees roughly). I agree he does cock the bat back and away from his body (points the barrel back alittle).

This cocking action is actually his way of getting the hand into position to create torque. His elbow does rise as he brings the hands up and back near the rear shoulder. It's a combination have having his hands away from his body, elbow pointing toward the dugout more, that makes the barrel go back more (your cocking action). What is actually happening (IMO), he is starting to pivot the elbow and hands back and up (getting into position to create torque).

Edgar Martinez and Manny Ramirez both start with their back elbows elevated (really high). They still get the hands up and back in the same manner as Mike (same position or with the same goal) without the extra motion of taking the hands away from the body first. All hitters initiate torque in the same manner (ROUGHLY, Jack could explian it better).

Don't be fouled into thinking he is only cocking the bat back and then swining forward. The eblow and hands are pivoting into the correct position during this cocking action you see.

Shawn Bell


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