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Apology to Jack Mankin

Posted by: Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Mar 12 00:42:14 2000

Dear Jack,
I am indebted to this board to offer an apology for my thoughtless attack on another individual.

In Shawn's post, I pointed out that while he meant "dropped on my head" as uttering ludicrous statements, I took it to mean as brain-damaged," for reasons he failed to furnish a quotation of mine to put his statement in context. Had he given proof, the statement might have been avoided.

Besides, I always have felt the incessant need to defend my character, and perhaps, in doing so, I overreacted.

The reason for not offering an immediate apology was I could not get through since my computer did not work.

Let's both hope that time has allowed the situation to dissipate, and arguments return to mechanics, rather than character.

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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