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Re: Apology to Shawn

Posted by: Shawn Bell (leebell@myhome.net) on Mon Mar 13 07:36:22 2000

Dear Shawn,
> I apologize for the diatribe that spun a whirlpool of accusations. While not supporting my decisions to write such a post, allow me to imform you why I did so.
> The comments pertaining to being dropped while I was a chile may have had the connotation of "one making a stupid comment," but I took an affront to it, and reacted swiftly, since I thought you meant "brain-damaged." Furthermore, had you provided a quotation of part of my post to put your comment in perspective, I might have laughed myself; however, the trouble was your post was not put in context.
> Needless to say, my reaction was also not useful in promulgating baseball discussions.
> Perhaps we are both wrong for our posts, or, perhaps, we both failed to communicate with each other in the heated letters we exchanged.
> Let's indulge in more meaningful conversations (including me) from here on in.
> Sincerely,
> The Black Hole Lexicographer
> Knight1285@aol.com


When I made the original comment it was in good humor. You were jumping from board to board pretending to be two different people.

After I made you mad, I realized that I didn't know you well enough to make such a comment. I'm sorry for making a comment toward your character.

Please accept my apologies.

What happened? You were worried about the Y2K bug and disappeared after the first of the year. Did it get your computer?

Shawn Bell


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