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Re: C.H.P. ?

Posted by: elmarto (elmarto@comcast.net) on Mon Jul 16 06:17:19 2007

I'm also greatful to Jack for breaking down the swing in such a way that it can be more easily understood. You wanted to hear from someone who's been through the process of converting his son from linear to rotational. I have two sons, one 16 and the other 12. My 12 year old lefty jumped right into it and within a few days started driving the ball. He continues to get better. My 16 year old was very resistent to the idea of fooling with his swing during the high school baseball season, and I didn't blame him. But, I did start talking about rotational hitting alot and pointed out players on TV that were doing it (everyone in MLB and college). When the high school baseball season ended he was ready to give it an honest try. He had some timing issues at first (out in front of everything) but after about a week he really started hitting the ball well. He had some problems getting the feel of the THT but eventually got it. The difference is like day and night. THe drill that really helped the most was the bag drill (although we use a tire mounted on top of a post). It helped them really understand the importance of gaining bat speed between the initiation of the swing and contact. Hope this helped.


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