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The Sweet Spot

Posted by: FF (Fuche@Bellsouth.net) on Wed Mar 15 10:55:28 2000

I have spoken with both ball players and physics nerds about the sweet spot. The nerds tell me it's about 6.5 inches from the barrel of the bat. The ball players tell me it's about 4 to 4.5 inches from the barrel of the bat. The nerds tell me it has to do with the least amount of vibration, while the ball players tell me it's the point were you hit "bombs" that travel farther than Mcgwire's. With factors such as bat length, center of percussion, metal vs. wood, and bat design. It seems the only thing you can count on is practice and good bat speed. The margin of error according to ball players is inches, according to physics professors centimeters, according to me is irrelevant. The advice I give I stole from Rod Carew, "Wait for a good pitch, foul close pitches until the pitcher makes a mistake, and then hit the damn ball in the middle."


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