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Re: Re: Why Straight Front Leg at Contact?

Posted by: Steve (SteveDFord@aol.com) on Thu Jul 19 16:25:12 2007

Hello Chuck,

Thanks for that answer! Good information.

What exactly is the classic "L"? I am assuming thats the shape your back leg must be bent at for proper hip rotation? Is there more description or something that shows how that should go during the swing?

Thanks again,


> Hi Steve,
> The straight leg at contact, or slightly after contact, is an indication of proper hip rotation and the fact that you are driving the hips from the front side, and not pushing them from the rear. It will not push your body upward as long as you hinge your back leg properly and form the classic "L" with the rear leg. Proper leg action is truly the foundation of rotational hitting, upon which you build the circular hand path, tht, bht, etc. You do not want your front knee to lock straight prior to contact because your hands will go linear as when you start your swing too early and end up fishing way out front for the ball.
> > Hello,
> >
> > Why do you need a straight front leg at point of impact with the ball?
> >
> > What are the advantages or disadvantages to that?
> >
> > It does work that way for me, but always wondered the reasoning behind that?
> >
> > I am tall. so bending my knees in my stance seems to make sense to help hit low pitches, but then doesn't it pushes body upward to straighten out front leg? Or is that a rotation around the axis?
> >
> > Thanks


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