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Posted by: ricky melendrez (mvram2@yahoo.com) on Sat Mar 18 21:35:39 2000

dear ed black & ff,
i just would like to take the time to thank you for the advice that you gave me. since i'm one of those hitters that like to pick at themselves and find out the little things that you do wrong in order to make yourself better all around. the reason that i asked this question was becuase i was having some mental comfort problems, but today i tried what you guys said and i was hittin p-rods. thanx a lot. this will definitely help me when i go to the junior olympics in tusan az in june. once again, thanx. i appreciate it. if you ever have any more interesting information on how to the bat quicker from point a to point b, my e-mail address is mvram2@yahoo.com i really like reading up on things that can make me better mentally and physically. i am also a catcher, so if you have any info on that too. it would be highly appreciated. thanx :0)


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