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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Posted by: Richard Schenck () on Tue Jul 9 09:57:31 2002

>>> Hi Richard
> > >
> > > Your interpretation of “knob to the ball” seems to be quite different from what most coaches I know teach. So just to clarify a couple of points – would you say that while the batter is taking “the knob (or the hands) to the ball,” should (1) the hands follow a circular or straighter path (2) the bat-head stay back near the back-shoulder to be released later. Or, (3) should the batter apply torque to accelerate the bat-head away from initiation.<<<
> > >
> > > >>> I'm not sure!! How's that!! Are these 3 the only choices available? What I am sure of is I'm a believer in the "swing the axe" swing and the "hit the heavy bag" swing. What I most like to see is the hitter with the elbow in the slot, probably against his side, with his top hand across his chest, and his body completely facing the pitcher at contact, which is straight out from his front knee toward home plate. Of your three choices #1 doesn't describe what I do because even though the cue is "knob to the ball" which implies a straight path, the hand path is only a few inches before the hips rotate causing a circular or fishhook path. Remember, the elbow stays in the slot. #2 asks if the bat head stays back by the back shoulder to be released later. This sounds like a trap. I'd like to say yes but how later is later. I do feel the bathead is accelerated by the top hand but it is imposed after/during/or at the same time that the front hand pulls to the ball. I do not tht back toward the catcher.
> > >
> > > Probably what describes what I do best is picture the "t" where contact is to be made and I swing an axe at the T trying to time the ball and bathead to reach the T at the same time so that the bat is perpendicular to the pitch (assuming a pitch down the middle). I also prefer to talk about swing direction which is what my "knob to the ball" does for me. If the pitch is away, my "knob to the ball" handpath (which is only a few inches before hip rotation)takes me to a location deeper in the zone and obviously away from my body more so than a pitch down the middle or an inside pitch. On a pitch down the middle the hand path is right to the ball down the middle and on an inside pitch the hand path is down and in supplemented by more hip rotation than the others.
> > >
> > > This is difficult to put into words which probably describes why teaching hitting is so difficult. One word means something to me and yet something different to someone else. Another thought that should be said is that the handpath sort of sets the swing direction (inside, outside, down the middle) while the hip and shoulder rotation actually do the moving/swinging. It's almost like the handpath determines the direction to the hit zone, while the hip and shoulder rotation actually swings the bat. I definately don't consider my swing arm only. In fact, the elbow stays in the slot the entire time. I'm trying to control the "swoosh" sound of the bat to be in the proper area (the location of the pitch). I consider the "swoosh" sound to be an indicator of where the bat speed is the greatest and I try to get it to the right spot with a short stubby handpath toward the ball that is overtaken by hip and shoulder rotation. <<<
> > >
> > > Hi Richard
> > >
> > > Over the past four or five years I have spent countless hours answering literally thousands of difficult and ofen hostile questions, and I am still accused not responding or fully answering posts. I really wonder what you and some of the other readers would say if I replied with: “I'm not sure!! How's that!!” or “This sounds like a trap.” But Richard your attitude is fairly consistent with replies I usually get when I ask question to clarify a post.
> > >
> > > I heartily agree with your statement, “This is difficult to put into words which probably describes why teaching hitting is so difficult. One word means something to me and yet something different to someone else.” --- If we got together and discussed batting principles, you might be surprised at how much we agree on - unless you believe the bat-head is headed down to contact as that picture clearly showed. (http://www.hittingacademy.com/ohalibrary/picpages/bottomhandpullspics1and2.cfm)
> > > Jack Mankin
> >
> > Jack
> >
> > Just what do you mean by "my attitude is fairly consistent with replies I usually get when I ask a question to clarify a post". I don't believe there was any attitude in my post. Maybe too much honesty. Maybe I should learn how to put a smily face in the right places in my posts. I'm not the scientist you are. Maybe I'm not able to use words as good as you. I wrote a lengthy 3 paragraph description of what I try to do as I swing to help clarify my understanding of the swing, and to answer your post. Then you criticize me for not giving you an answer? What I do as I pull the knob to the ball doesn't fit any of the 3 choices you gave. Does that make my answer wrong or does it mean there are other choices than the ones given? Accusing me of not clarifying my position is ludicrous. I tried to give as much detail and understanding of what I do as I could. If it doesn't fit into the three categories you offered maybe you should frame your question a little better.
> >
> > As far as the bat head going down to contact, how else does it get there if it starts at the shoulders and contact is made around the waist. Does it go down to level and then level to contact. I'm ok with that.
> >
> > I could be completely wrong on everything I'm saying, after all, I didn't play professionally. However, baseball and hitting is an important interest and hobby for me and agree or disagree this discussion is worthwhile for everyone. I thought you asked me an interesting question. I thought I gave a thoughtful answer. You responded by attacking my attitude. Why?
> >
> > I have two sons that are doing their best to learn to hit. We go to this and other web sites several times a day to get the best info we can to be better. We read all the posts, respond to some of them and have learned quite a bit. We expect disagreement. This challenges us to review and question if there is a better way. It would be nice if you would respond to my words; to the things I posted on what I do with my hands and why and how I try to establish swing direction instead of attacking my attitude, which by the way, didn't exist until I was accused of having one. If you think I'm dead wrong I'd like to know why and the specifics of your theory.
> > >
> Richard-
> I don't speak for Jack, but I think when he said 'attitude' he meant a level of uncertainty, not a 'bad' attitude. I didn't read it as an attack on you. Perhaps I'm wrong but reread and see what you think. Maybe Jack would clarify as well. This has been an interesting discussion, not an antagonistic one. Stick with it.

And another thing. Who is the customer here and who is the expert? And how should one treat the other?


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