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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

Posted by: Jack mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Jul 9 11:59:11 2002

> Jack
> Just what do you mean by "my attitude is fairly consistent with replies I usually get when I ask a question to clarify a post". I don't believe there was any attitude in my post. Maybe too much honesty. Maybe I should learn how to put a smily face in the right places in my posts. I'm not the scientist you are. Maybe I'm not able to use words as good as you. I wrote a lengthy 3 paragraph description of what I try to do as I swing to help clarify my understanding of the swing, and to answer your post. Then you criticize me for not giving you an answer? What I do as I pull the knob to the ball doesn't fit any of the 3 choices you gave. Does that make my answer wrong or does it mean there are other choices than the ones given? Accusing me of not clarifying my position is ludicrous. I tried to give as much detail and understanding of what I do as I could. If it doesn't fit into the three categories you offered maybe you should frame your question a little better.
> As far as the bat head going down to contact, how else does it get there if it starts at the shoulders and contact is made around the waist. Does it go down to level and then level to contact. I'm ok with that.
> I could be completely wrong on everything I'm saying, after all, I didn't play professionally. However, baseball and hitting is an important interest and hobby for me and agree or disagree this discussion is worthwhile for everyone. I thought you asked me an interesting question. I thought I gave a thoughtful answer. You responded by attacking my attitude. Why?
> I have two sons that are doing their best to learn to hit. We go to this and other web sites several times a day to get the best info we can to be better. We read all the posts, respond to some of them and have learned quite a bit. We expect disagreement. This challenges us to review and question if there is a better way. It would be nice if you would respond to my words; to the things I posted on what I do with my hands and why and how I try to establish swing direction instead of attacking my attitude, which by the way, didn't exist until I was accused of having one. If you think I'm dead wrong I'd like to know why and the specifics of your theory.
> >

Hi Richard

I have been doing video analysis of player’s swings for a number of years and many of them exhibit mechanics very similar to what you have described. The arms shove the hands (or knob) fairly straightforward away from the shoulder at the start of their swing. The back-elbow starts in the slot, but usually slides toward the bellybutton allowing the hand-path to remain straighter once shoulder rotation begins. The arc in the hand-path takes place later in the swing as the hands arc more toward the shortstop.

Their swings were adequate at lower levels but just could not generate the bat-speed that allowed them to perform well at high school or college ball. One of the main adjustments we had to make to their mechanics was to keep their hands back, and allow shoulder rotation to launch the hands into a circular path from initiation. You can read some of their comments on the “Testimonial Page".

I have never seen a productive hand-path that started off straight. The arc in the hand-path then becomes too little, too late. The first movement of the hands should not be directed at the pitcher. The first movement should sweep fairly parallel to the catcher's shoulders.
Richard, I think the contact position you are striving for is very good. I just do not think the way you initiate the swing (knob to the ball) will allow the batter to reach full potential.

Jack Mankin

  • Re: Richard Schenck [ Tue Jul 9 12:47:04 2002 ]

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