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Re: Re: Re: Re: power

Posted by: Nick Devine (BTAR3 is IBAATT) on Tue Aug 20 19:42:26 2002

What is the best way/drill etc. to improve the distance you can hit a ball?
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> > > Hi i have been playing baseball for as long as i can remeber, i admit i have hit my share of homers in my park and rec. but i just started playing high ball this year and my swing could compare to the pitching, so i worked out and it still didn't get any better for me i think i was on a two and ten slump when i bought a hitting trainer it improved my bat speed and power, the way you need to practice for power is just speed you swing up line your knuckles up on the bat the when you swing roll you knuckles over it will speed the swing up a provide back spin on the ball to carry it over the fence also remember don't try to muscle it over the fence if you are tring that it slow your swing down. if you would like to talk to me in person email me and we can arrange a phone meeting.
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> > Wow its the next Joe A. Lining up your knocking knuckles does not give you any extra power. In fact most of the power hitters in the major leagues dont. And also major league hitters have flat hands at contact.
> > The Hitman
> Where did you hear to line up your knuckles and hit with backspin to increase power? That has to me the most retarded thing i have ever heard in my life. Why do you even go on this website if you are going to make idiotic remarks like that? Have you ever even played baseball before? Since you are on this site anyway why dont you read some of the material sometime.
> Nick


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