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Re: Pitching Machines

Posted by: Richard Schenck () on Wed Aug 21 07:11:58 2002

I am thinking about purchasing a good pitching machine for my 13 year old son, Wes.
> He is in the baseball camp run by John Elliot this week and just told me how much he learned when your methods were taught today at camp . I am very impressed - especially because Wes has already received training form some pretty good Major League trainers.
> Can you recommend a good pitching machine? Or do you feel the products you sell here are sufficient?
> Thanks very much from the dad of a 13 year-old who just loves this game and wants to play for the Dodgers when he's older!!

On the low end of the price range is the Personal Pitcher which my sons and I use in our basement. This allows us to take BP whenever we like. Pitches plastic golf balls. Only about $250. Check it out at personalpitcher.com. We would recommend it.


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