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Re: Re: Re: Bent knee

Posted by: Alan () on Fri Aug 23 17:23:50 2002

>>> He needs to work on his hip rotation to specifically get the front leg and hip involved. What tends to happen is the fron leg and hip are used as a pivot point and the back leg and hip do all the work to push the hips around. Have him think that the front leg and hip also need to pull the hips around. A good example would be if you were to put your hands on his hips and rotated them you would have to push forward to make his back hip come around and at the same time pull backward to make his front hip come around (by the way this is another example of using torque in the swing). For your son to duplicate these movements he is not going to be able to bend the knee because he is going to have to use the front leg to push his front hip back and around. <<<
> Hi Alan
> Thank you for offering to help Phil sonís with his batting problem. Your intentions and advise were sound. I am saddened by the spiteful responses you and others endure from a few persons who seem more interested in being hurtful than discussing differing viewpoints. Although we have many thousands coming to the site, it does seem sad that it can be tarnished by so few.
> But, Alan, keep in mind that for every one of those ill-mannered posters, there are thousands of readers who want and appreciate your input. --- So once again, I thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts.
> Jack Mankin

Thanks for you support and I know you understand where I'm coming from. It is just too bad that kid will never be able to try to correct that one component of his swing, which could eliminate a problem he seems to have.

Rotational mechanics are very difficult for some people to grasp, because they are different from what they know. What constantly amazes me is the batters I've worked with have had dramatic improvements, yet when you begin to explain rotational mechanics to their team coaches they just can't believe that this would work. Go figure.


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