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Re: Re: Re: H and position

Posted by: John (fit4life_@hotmail.com) on Mon Aug 26 00:14:31 2002

When batting should your door knocking knuckles be lined up? Will this keep you from falling prey to your hands working against each other during the swing?
> >
> > As in most things, opinions vary. As always, check the best MLB hitters to see what they are doing. Not what they say to do necessarily, but what are the ACTUALLY doing.
> >
> > Mark H.

Thanks. I was just watching a special on television where the Toronto Blue Jays batting instructor (his name eludes me at this time) was teaching this method. And I was wondering if it was widely accepted as the trademark hand positioning of major leaguers and minor leaguers alike.

> The best MLB hitters do it various ways, just as the best of them stride differently, extend to various derees differently, etc


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