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Re: Re: Re: Re: Fastpitch Softball

Posted by: Mark H. () on Tue Aug 27 05:57:56 2002

Are there any (biomechanically superior) significant differences in a fastpitch softball and hardball batsman hitting stance?
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> > > John,
> >
> > If I follow your question, the only differences I see would be slightly less tilt back of the torso toward the pitcher in order to have a SLIGHTLY flatter swing plane matching the lesser down angle of the ball path. (Assuming you have settled on rotational mechanics) This is not a great enough difference that I would spend any time on it.
> >
> > I do think rotational mechanics are the way to go if you want to hit for power AND average in either sport. On the other hand, with the faster dirt infield, the close in infield, the short distance to first and the way the corners have to play in, I have seen linear hitting be a very effective obp strategy in fastpitch if the hitter concentrates on opposite field hitting and doesn't try to overpower the swing. For several reasons this strategy is best employed on the left side, especially in fastpitch. I just don't want more than two or three of these in the lineup at most since rbi's won't be their strong point.
> Mark,
> So you believe that fastpitch hitters should have a slightly more upright batting stance due to the angle in which a pitch reaches the plate?
> JOhn

So slight that I probably wouldn't bring it up unless the hitter was erring the other way. Beware, though, of the instructors and coaches in fp who still believe all fp pitches are moving up through the zone.


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