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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Internet advice

Posted by: Derby Boy () on Wed Aug 28 15:44:10 2002

> > Excuse me!!!! You said "I would challenge you to go back to those books/tapes and see if any tell you why these work from the point of view of the physics of hitting." Are you saying that at this site you do work from the point of view of physics? Come on!! Mind you, I'm not complaining about this site. You hear some good advice and you hear some bad advice, just like anywhere else.But to call it physics or science is stretching the truth just a bit, don't you think?
> >
> > No.
> Derby Boy
> Go to batspeed home page. Click on Batspeed Research. Click on Letter from Physics Department.
> Then. Write retraction statement.

Sir, first of all, just because you find one physics professor who writes a letter does not mean a whole lot. Jack himself has said that Prof. Adair, author of "The Physics of Baseball" has scoffed at Jack's ideas. That doesn't invalidate Jack's ideas but neither does one letter from a physics professor validate Jack's ideas.
Second of all, putting aside who vouches or doesn't vouch for jack's ideas, I scoffed at the notion that this site works "work from the point of view of the physics of hitting." That statement suggests that the concepts at this site are based on science and they are not. One letter or even a letter from a Nobel Prize winner does not constitute science. Name me one principle promoted at this site that is based on anything more than people's opinions and their perceived observations.
Again, I'm not bashing this site. To the contrary, with the exception of some occasional nonsense, it is a good site that gives a forum for people to share a variety of views. But that does not constitute physics or science and I will not retract my statement.


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