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Re: How young is too young?

Posted by: primebaseball (coach@primebaseball.com) on Sat Aug 4 12:02:45 2007

I've been teaching working with my son on rotational hitting since he was very young. He's now 7 years old, and here's a sample of his swing:

I actually think it's easier to start when your son is young, because it develops the correct fundamentals so he won't have to "unlearn" bad habits and enables him to swing a bigger/heavier bat to develop strength.

> I am just wondering how young is too young to start teaching these principles. I have a 6 yr old that, to me, has a natural and almost perfect swing. I have taken several videos of his swing on various days and have compared it to what you describe as the proper swing. I have picked up on a few things that he could work on but it is very hard to explain to a 6 year old. The biggest thing I see with his swing is driving with the hips or simply completing the rotation. His pre launch and swing is good but he stops driving his hips about half way through his swing. Any suggestions on how to teach this to a 6 yr old?


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