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What is the Proper Bat Size/Drop That I Need?

Posted by: Martin (pax2112@verizon.net) on Sun Aug 5 20:13:06 2007

My son, 4’3” 59 lbs, just turned 7 today Aug. 5. He has played 3 years of t-ball. I have had him using the 30” 12 oz. Youth size SwiftStik (7/8” barrel) to hit 40 mph golfball whiffle balls from a Personal pitcher pitching machine. He has hit them well with this practice “bat” for bat speed. I started to have him swing using a 27” 16oz (-11) drop normal bat expecting him to hit more easily because of the larger barrel and because he hit well using his “broomstick bat” and although it is suppose to be harder to hit using it. He has actually hit fewer with it. Although the swiftstik is only 12 oz, and designed to increase bat speed it is 30” long which he can whip more fluidly and wants to use instead of a regular bat. The length on the swift stick did not bother him and could cover the plate easier. My question is if I went up an inch in length to 28 and down to a 15oz. (-13) would that be lighter for him to use than the 27” 16 oz(-11), although it is an inch longer? What could I do for him? Thanks, Martin


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