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Re: Re: setpro, reliable source?

Posted by: michael (bigcahoona32@aol.com) on Wed Sep 4 13:57:14 2002

Hey everyone, I have only been watching this board for a couple of days, but have seen set pro mentioned several times already. I am very opposed to their ideas on pitching, so i was wondering if you guys thought this was a reliable source for hitting info?
> Scott-
> I have learned a lot from this site and Setpro. But I have found Setpro's pitching information to be of great value as well. Not sure what you can do with that but that's my opinion.
> can anyone tell me what is in SMART POWER FOR PITCHERS TRAINING MANUAL. i have all the weighted balls and cords and books but i think it coudl be beneficial to find out whats in that reading and they dont sell individual items so if anyone could help me out so i dont hafta spend 300 bucks for one manuel...thank you, mike


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