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Shawn & Everyone - Computer down

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatpeed@aol.com) on Sat Apr 1 16:37:27 2000

Hi Shawn & Everyone

I have not been on-line the past few days. We were installing a new video editor and my system crashed. I will try to catch up with my e-mail and post replies as soon as possible.

Hi Shawn --- Sorry for the delay

>>>"I most often found this problem (golf and baseball swing) with hitters who “loaded up the top hand” at the start of their swing."

I thought you suggested loading up the top hand (Pulling back) at the initiation of the swing? <<<

Shawn, I do not recall using the term “loading up the top hand” when referring to top hand torque. I suppose everyone has their own interpretations of the terms we use in discussing swing mechanics. I have always associated the term “loading up the top hand” with lowering the back arm in preparation to drive the top hand forward. But, I suppose one could claim that raising the back elbow is a positioning move for “loading up the top hand” to pull back toward the catcher. --- We may use the same term for both mechanics but the resulting bat speed would be very different.

Jack Mankin


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