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Re: Re: High Finish produces power

Posted by: George () on Fri Aug 10 22:05:49 2007

> >>> Jude, Jack Mankin. Do you(all) believe the high finish illustrated by Charlie Lau is conducive to homerun hitting?
> Specifically in the case of Alex Rodriguez, does the top hand upward release contibute to helping the carry of the batted ball?
> If in agreement to the above mentioned, would you agree that the top hand release is somewhat or specifically pre determined by the swing plane?
> Lastly, if both hands were left on the bat would the top hand cancel out the extension process for most hitters and result in fewer homeruns? <<<
> Hi George
> Charlie Lau Jr. and I discussed the “top-hand release” in a Feb. 2001 post. I think reading the thread may answer most of your questions regarding my position on the matter.
> <a href="http://www.batspeed.com/messageboard/2210.html"> RE: Top hand release - Charley Lau Jr.</a>
> Jack Mankin


Jack thanks for the thread. As a result, I have concluded that the top hand release is more effective for today's hitters for the point you noted with regard to the hitter standing away from the plate and producing the wider arc which maximizes around the 1st and 2nd base direction. In that instance as you stated the hitter would have to jerk his hands/wrists in order to keep both havds on the bat. As such I feel this could potentially collapse the swing especially if the hitter uses a jacknife or crouch position (in the case of George Brett or Tony Phillips.) But hitters who stand closer to the plate likey benefit more by keeping both hands on the bat (in the case of Darrell Evans or Lou Whitaker). And in my opinion, hitters who lack the swing strength of Mo Vaugn and David Ortiz lose power or have trouble keeping the inside pitch fair without keeping both hands on the bat (if the stand close to the plate).


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