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Re: Re: Re: Re: Hey Hitman

Posted by: Ron () on Mon Sep 9 07:10:54 2002

Please help! See my question to you about Jackson and top hand torque.Thank you
> >
> > Thanks, Hitman, I'll repeat it, the question was about Reggie Jackson. I said Hitman, I think that a front view is not as clear as a side view but could you still explain the details you saw in the clip? I have always been a big Jackson fan.If you could please tell me the specific things Jackson did that you were able to see I would appreciate it.Thank you
> Well, there isn't a whole lot I can say, It is a bad clip for details, but I really brought his front-shoulder in pretty far(counter rotating)he strided sort of far and casted alot of weight onto his front leg. He held his hands just below the shoulder out infront of him. After his swing his back knee almost touched the ground. If you can give me your e-mail adress I can send u the clip so u can view it at your own pleasure.
> The Hitman

But all of the the things you just mentioned are what any instructor might say they observed, even if they are "linear" minded instructors. You say it's a bad clip for details, which most front view clips are, and yet you originally said you could clearly see top hand torque. What techniques did you see that diferentiate top hand torque from non-top hand torque?


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