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Re: Re: Outside pitch

Posted by: Black Hole Lexicographer (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sun Apr 2 22:24:10 2000

>>>I am having trouble with the outside pitch. I can crush the inside pitch but I normally miss or pop up the outside one. What ajustments can I make to hit it better? Thanks. <<<
> Hi Bill
> Hitters with good rotational mechanics have little problem developing bat speed (or making good contact) on outside pitches. So, I will assume you are using linear (weight-shift and extension) type of mechanics. For many years players and coaches have been told that shifting their weight from the back leg to a firm front side and quickly extending the hands would cause the bat to come through like “the crack of a whip.” Some coaches simulate this mechanic by having their hitters pop a towel. The players were told that this same action would develop great bat speed. --- Well, it wont – it can’t – the theory behind linear mechanic is flawed and has stalled the progress of hitters for decades.
> There are two main forces that can be applied to a bat that will generate bat speed. – (1) The transfer of the bodies rotational energy (via an angular hand-path). - (2) Torque, developed when the hands apply forces to the bat from opposing directions. --- Read; “Mechanics that Develop Bat Speed” and “Wrist Action or Torque” from Site Map below.
> Bill, the reason you are able to develop “pop” on inside pitches is because you were able to get good shoulder rotation on that pitch. With full rotation of the shoulders, the lead arm comes to full extension (and forward progression slows to a halt) long before the back arm extends. Now the back arm is in a good position to apply torque (push the top hand around the stalled bottom hand). --- But, on outside pitches, the shoulders must rotate less and the arms come to full extension to close together to develop much torque. So even though you may have “quickly extended” your hands, the bat is not going to come flying through like the crack of a whip and you wind up just waving at the ball.
> The great hitters initiate their swing with “top hand torque” and a circular hand-path. This allows them to develop a lot of bat speed very early in the swing. If the pitch is outside, they can just let the bat go to the ball.
> Jack Mankin
> Dear Jack,
I must concur with viewpoint. However, it seems as though you infer that one must decelerate the swing in order to hit outside pitches. Steve Ferroli argues that this problem is overcome "by rotating the hips a suitable degree according to the pitch," which is outlined in his book Hitting the Ted Williams Way. Perhaps, I might just be miscomprehending your statement; however, I am just affirming my strident belief in what Ferroli calls "logic."

The Black Hole Lexicographer


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