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Re: Re: Re: Outside pitch

Posted by: David () on Wed Apr 5 16:38:38 2000

>>>The key to hitting an outside pitch is to let it get deep in the zone before swinging. You have to stay back. Then you can take the "sweet spot" to it and it will jump of the bat. <<<
> Hi David
> I have often heard the advise, “let it get deep in the zone before swinging”, on outside pitches. There are a couple of points I have never understood with that approach, maybe you could help me out? --- Most batters have trouble generating bat speed and getting the bat-head through on outside pitches. This usually results in those flares out over first base.
> Why would delaying the swing until the ball gets deeper in the zone allow the batter to get the “sweet spot” around earlier even though he starts later.
> Jack Mankin
> Why do you have to get it around earlier? Why not just take it opposite field. I know this is an old saying, but "hit where it's pitched.


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