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Re: Hitting..backspin?????

Posted by: art (art_zarate01@yahoo.com) on Thu Aug 16 12:48:08 2007

> > hey its me scooba. Iv posted here bfor and found it a vary helpful tool..so id like to say thx!As iv said bfor im a 16 year old highschool baseball player.Now i have a few questions about my batting ...we have playd 4 games i play center.....iv struck out 1 time out of 10 at bats ..with 1 homer (330 ft) now in batting prctice the other day i was taking cuts on the field and the coatch kept telling me to stop poping everyhtign up...becaus i hit eveyhing like a pop up thats even how i hit my homers i hit them like vary larg pop ups..and my coch keeps telling me to swing down on the ball becaus u want to hit the bell like that to ut a backspin on the ball..! i doent know what to do i mean im the best hitter on the team and i doent know if i want to mess with my swing but it is tempting to think that u could improve my swing...if this sais enyhting i can use a wooden bat stand at the plate throw a ball up in the air and hit it over my fence like a homer..... does this mean my swing is ok ? it isnt easy for me to do that but i can do it..! again thanx for all ur help!


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