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Re: Major Dan

Posted by: Esteban () on Wed Sep 18 10:46:51 2002

Here are a just a few exapmles of Major Dan's comments:
> "WOW - the CLauJr imposturator is back!! Why don't you put your name on your posts? or did you forget which character you are these days?"
> "Lets see: Charlie Lau Jr Joe A Sam Procito - apparently your new alias. No wonder Sam knows so much but shares so little."
> "Are you also Phil? Sal?”
> “Maybe he's related to Charlie Lau Jr. ???”
> “Ah, my imposturator. Very good, you even get the email address now!"
> "Do you also do the JoeA posts you answer?”
> “I didn't make the last 'Major Dan' post.”
> " Ok, Frank Jessup, with all of your Joe A-isms you can't continue to disguise who you really are."
> "Charley Lau Jr, Frank Jessup, Sam Procito, Joe A, Sal, Phil, all the same person. I guess when one personality gets tired of being laughed at, he just switches to another personality!"
> Major Dan, I am a paying customer. I bought Jack's tape, I bought the heavy bag, I intend to buy his new video when it come out. I'm not really in to giving advice. I just sit here in the background, looking for one idea or another that might be helpful.
> What is NOT helpful is YOU. It always seems that you are the center of controversy, and mind you, NON-BASEBALL related controversy. As a paying customer, can I ask you to stop alway s being the ringleader of all the nonsense. I'm sure that new potential customers of Jack have a good chuckle at some of your comments, but then they don't take the site seriously and move on to another site.
> Please, in fairness to all of us, and in fairness to Jack, who has put in countless hours of his time and his money in order to promote learning good solid rotational mechanics, PLEASE take your B.S. to another site. Maybe you don't want to learn but there are many of us who do want to learn.
> Thank you Major Dan. I hope you won't take this personally, but these things just had to be said. Let's get back to baseball, what do you say?

I know some sites have passwords and stuff that if we had at this site it would be a lot harder for him to make these posts. But I would say if that can't be done, just ignore the guy. People like that do it just for attention and if they are ignored they go away.Actually some of the things Major Dan has said makes sense, it's just that his good posts are less credible due to his behavior.It seems like this same thing (and same person) happened at hitting.com so Dave simply started limiting access to his customers.
Anyway, Jack, despite everything you have the best site are doing great work and despite one yo-yo in every crowd, we all applaud the terrific job you are doing!


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