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Re: Indoor Winter Training

Posted by: Bob Wilkinson (bobwilkinson@hotmail.com) on Fri Aug 17 08:52:43 2007

This worked for my eldest son... now 16. He has deformed legs below the knees due to club feet at birth. I got him a double bit axe two years ago and set him in my woods to cutting down gum trees. The quick force of accelerating that axe has really quickened his bat speed and he hits with far more power now. Having to watch the spot on the tree where the blade contacts has helped with the eye-brain-muscle connections... and all he needed to work on was the timing.
Worked for him and I've started my two 9 year olds earlier than I did with him.
You may not have trees to cut, so hitting a basketball off a T into a net with a heavy bat may do the same?

> First of all, hello to everyone, this is my first post though I have looked and read through many of them to date.
> I've decided that I'm going to get serious about training for baseball. I'm going to be a junior in highschool and want to make a career in baseball. That's my dream but I do have other things to fall back on because....well, it's a hard thing to acheive. This year during school I was in quite a slump, and hit like .280 with a .390 obp and that wasn't very good, so I did a lot of tee work before Babe Ruth, and boosted it to .560 with a .680 obp...
> On a scale of 1/10 I might have a 5 or 6 in power...and it is fairly inconsistent. So I came here to do what?? Increase Batspeed!!
> Anyways I'm in the process of setting up a cage and a personal pitcher pro in my basement, for getting live swings, but I'm not sure how exactly I should make progress...before posting this I've sone some looking and decided the Overweight/Underweight training would be best...
> Anyone got any ideas on how to go about this...
> I need a routine...
> Thanks


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