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Re: Re: Re: F=MA by Steve

Posted by: amit (kumaramitrose@yahoo.co.in) on Sun Sep 22 22:22:18 2002

Hi M. dad,
> No, I'm afraid you are mistaken.
> IF the ball is struck far away from the center of percussion, then the hands play a role. If it is struck AT the C.O.P., they DO NOT. (It's been proven.)
> As for your calculation of how much the bat slows down at impact, this is incorrect as well.
> BTW- I never use "arbitrary" numbers.
> Your statement:
> "To make a long story short I think conservation of momentum is the major player in ball exit velocity, but not quite as large a percentage as Steve would suggest."
> How large a percentage IS it?
> Apparently, you have re-invented Newton's laws. If you could please post your mathematic proof, I'll be happy to review it (and I can get several physics professors to do so as well.) Perhaps you're not aware that this issue has been TESTED. Be careful about speculating on things you THINK are happening (as opposed to what science and common sencse tell us.) Remember- you can't get more out than you put in! You simply cannot!
> Regards,
> SteveT


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