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Re: Patience at the plate

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Tue Apr 11 21:44:46 2000

The following opinions are just that, my opinion and others may disagree with good cause. I do not like short quick toss drills for the same reason I'm not in favor of pitching machines set at higher speeds. Neither am I in favor of a hitter being told to "explode" with his swing. Most hitters are far to ridged and tense as it is using linear mechanics and I see no benefit using drills that require the batter to jerk into action.

Instead of compressing time, great hitters are able to stretch time out. They can see many more segments in the 1/5 sec required for their swing and accelerate smoothly and more powerfully. Starting the swing with tense muscles and a quick jerking action ruins the continuity of the swing.

I know the kids like the pitching machines set at higher speeds. But not being able to time their preparation for the swing with the pitcher's motions causes their rhythm for live pitching to be off. The same could be said for short quick toss --- As your batter prepares to swing, feel of his arm and shoulder muscles. If he is as tight as a bowstring-- how do you think he will perform?

Jack Mankin


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