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Re: Re: Re: Re: Bat

Posted by: Joe (joe.flowers@nofreewill.com) on Sat Feb 12 02:25:09 2011

> Constant velocity does not make sense to me. Acceleration is the
> change of velocity over time. If it's constant then acceleration is > zero. You need to find a bat that allows you a faster increase in
> velocity through the hitting zone.

Please keep in mind that velocity is speed AND direction.
i.e., if the speed is constant and the direction is changing (PLT, THT, CHP, BHT), then the velocity is changing over time and is non zero. Think swinging on circles. The smaller the circles the faster the direction change --> higher velocities.

You want the speed of the bat to top out as earlier as you can in the swing by using PLT and THT (large circle) and to setup the use of CHP (large circle) that is used to setup the use of BHT (small circle) to increase the velocity further at the point of contact.

It's not just speed (linear mechanics); it's direction TOO (rotational mechanics).



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