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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A-Rod & The Swing Plane

Posted by: Shawn (mariner0324@yahoo.com) on Mon Aug 20 17:31:35 2007

> Hi Shawn
> I could not view the clip. My computer does have the Quick Time program installed.
> You state, “First off your both wrong, that bat first maintains a 90 degree relationship or the hands remain cocked as the hips begin.
> Second, it's not THT or the second engine that turns the bat. It's simply a rotational hinge. Rotation is the cause and not some separate entity such as THT.”
> If I had known of your above objections before I made the THT clip, I would have added a couple other points to the demonstration. (1) I would have shown that I could rotate the bat-head rearward with THT without rotating the shoulders. (2) I would have shown that my wrist would remain at about 90 degrees to the bat as my elbow lowered to my side and the bat-head rotated back to the lag position.
> Jack Mankin


Install Quicktime, it's free.

Why would you have shown that you can rotate the bat back with THT without shoulder rotation? It doesn't work that way. The bat remains cocked or stays at a 90 degree relationship with the lead arm while the hips start. The elbow is lowering as the hips begin rotation, the bat doesn't arc backwards during this time. The bat doesn't arc until shoulder rotation.

I will make a few clips, but for now install quicktime.



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