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Re: ligh metal and thin handled bats

Posted by: Steve (steve@legendsoftexas.net) on Wed Feb 16 07:24:06 2011

> Hi >There is a on line hitting instructor,by the name of J cevallos.Even thou Bat Speed.com is never mentioned. Cevallos seems like he would be in agreement with Jack mankin on the subject of hitting .Basicly what Cevallos wrote in his book, through film, He discovered that yester years major league hitters, had more of a rotational swing then modern day major league. hitters do. Because they were brought up using the thicker handled bats.The thicker handled bats make a batter use more of the body to rotate the bat .With a thiner handled bat, even if using a wooden bat,a young hitter can use his hands more and bring them foward independant of the rotating body then he could with a thick handled bat .so I guuss not only do those light metal bats hinder young hitters from becoming rotational hitter so do those thin handle wood bats .when cervallos mentiomed yester years hitters having more of a rotational swing i think he meant fox ruth and wilson era

The training bats he sells? Short and thick, like 30-38 or 28-36 with huge handles. Supposed to restrict the hands and wrists from rolling over and the weight makes you use hips and shoulders instead of arms. He worked with Ben Zobrist before Zobrist started hitting pea rods everywhere. The only thing I wonder about is whether the huge handle would restrict top hand torque and pulling back with your fingers before launch?


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