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Re: Re: Re: Re: Anderson bats

Posted by: Steve (steve@legendsoftexas.net) on Tue Feb 22 07:17:08 2011

> > Weigh your Demarini's at the local post office scales. Everyone I've bought I had to send back and on average were 2-3 oz over weight. So I after about 3 in a row I no longer buy Demarini's.
> > Anderson bats are measure on swing weight though resellers wrongly list a drop associated with each bat. Each Anderson will on average weigh 1-2 oz heavier than the advertized drop.
> > Both company's make excellent bats, both will be heavier on average.
> >
> > Are composites illegal period or just will have to meet a new BBCOR measure?
> Anderson bats are great. If your looking for bats, need to find some ans swing them.
> The -3 Nanotech might be the best, under used, bat out there. Second to none on Warranties also.

I did get the Anderson after all, the boy remarked how it really felt end loaded, and his batspeed is down from what I can tell with it.
It won't be his game bat for another season. Great suugestion to have them weighed. The 28" 19 oz Vendetta he swings actually is 20.3 ounces, and the 29" drop 8 Anderson is 22.1 ounces.
But the Anderson is a very sweet bat and sounds great at impact, like a wood bat, almost unheard of for an all metal bat.


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