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Re: front shoulder rotation to initiate swing

Posted by: Ronnie (rwynn@comsouth.net) on Thu Feb 24 18:28:07 2011

> jack, could shoulder rotation initiate the swing then tht?

Most hitters use shoulder rotation to initiate the swing and then apply hand torque, however the hands are over powered by the powerful shoulder rotation. My video analysis shows that the hands don't catch up until the shoulders are spent which is too late in the swing. I can't explain why this is so, but it is there to see - you just have to review film. The best hitters use THT at initiation allowing them to have max batspeed at contact. Example: We went to a Braves BP where Rick Ankiel hammered BP speeds without THT. When game speed came he was not getting to the pitches that he should have hit. I believe he has excellent connection to the shoulders but without THT at initiation he is a .230 hitter.


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