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Re: Re: griffey swing

Posted by: DM () on Thu Oct 3 20:41:35 2002

As a high school baseball coach I have used the griffey swing the past 2 years with great success. As a matter of fact, I am interested in purchasing approximately 15-20 of them. This is no joke. I would like to know of someplace to purchase them at a substantial discount. I am not interested in the youth models. Any ideas?
> >
> Quite frankly I wonder if this is yet another prank?
> (1) How can you buy "the griffey swing"?
> (2) Almost any high school coach should know there is no such thing as "great success" in teaching a team of position players how to hit like a particular player. To tinker with even one player's swing requires countless hours of time for both the player and the coach, more time than is possible, at least for the coach. And how do you define "great success"? How do you get feedback (before & after video analysis?
> (3) Griffey has almost no "L" in his swing at contact. Maybe his style works for him, but he is NOT a good model.

I have a youth Griffey swing trainer - it is a good trainer & will help alot with kids that tend to drag the bat. I would suggest only using the metal type trainer & maybe finding a local Welding shop & see if they can fab something close - you can buy the tee parts seperate from the original Griffey trainer. And YES the trainer is not exactly like JR's swing it is endorsed by JR but instructed by SR. Follow the tape & use the other drills it will help. If you can stop JR's swing at contact it is alot like the trainer shows matter of fact if you stop alot of the good hitters at contact you will see the same. Im talking about bat path. And Yes coaching hitting does take alot of time - I would suggest having maybe 3 of the trainers and have them as a station that your player rotate & use, like soft toss, tee work, cage work etc.


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