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Re: shoulder schrug

Posted by: Ronnie (rwynn@comsouth.net) on Mon Feb 28 16:13:01 2011

> Jack, my kid starts with his front shoulder already schrugged.He also starts with an opened stance, I notice that when he steps in he schrugs in a little more. Could that affect his swing?

My son started doing the same thing last spring and his swing got better. Since my son is right eye dominate, it seems to help him. Jack advised my son to close his stance but to date he is still starting open. My son says he sees the ball better. He was sick for 9 straight days, went to a scrimmage game going 2 for 2, came home running fever after the game. Stayed out 3 more days. Regular season started this past week on his 1st day back. He hit .600 with a HR and a triple in his first 3 games. I am not a proponent of the open stance but it works for my son......Best Wishes!


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